Pastor Chris says that There’s no such thing as Good Luck in the world

Things that come to us on the basis of some general fortune don’t last.” said Pastor Chris.

Everyone in the congregation at yesterday’s Sunday Service with all the man of God, Pastor Chris, had their minds renewed, through the teaching of God’s Word, to be stayed on the Lord and trust in His Word just as Isaiah 26:3 prescribes.

Dismantling myths about success, the BLW President said “there’s really no such thing as good luck!” “Things that come to us on the idea of some general fortune don’€™t last. They don’t come with life; they don’€™t stay. Even when they stay for a long time, there’s no fulfillment,” he continued, interjecting his sermon with emphases on going after the peace that comes with success that’s achieved via the Word.

“Money doesn’€™t bring joy, doesn’€™t give you fulfillment,” Pastor Oyakhilome says in the featured excerpt from the service at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, teaching the congregation the achievements that bring fulfillment and peace are those connected with doing God’s Word.

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